I had such an amazing time with the KEVIN MURPHY team in LA. Such a wonderful experience. It was an honor to work with such talented stylists! Location was at the beautiful Neihule Salon!

Photographer: Kate sZatmari
Producer: Tim Abney - Director of Education for Kevin Murphy 
Master Stylists: David Cruz and Sarah Lund
Makeup Artist: Amber Silva

Model: Carolina Adriana Urrea
Hairstyling: London Underground Hair Salon 

Hairstylists: Tim Abney and Sarah Lund 
Models: Carolina Adriana Urrea and Genevieve 

Hairstylist: Shane Archer Owner of Grow Knoxville Salon
Model: Genevieve 

Hairstylist: Kristy Kelly Jarvis
Model: Sarah Mollica 

Hairstylist: Lindsey Sharp 
Model: Olivia 

Hairstylist: Susanna
Model: Sarah Mollica 

Hairstylist: Jeremy Wann - Geo Hair Lab - Eco Salon Owner 
Model: Tatiana Donskova

Haistylist: J. Nicole Barnes 
Model: Olivia